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FTX Hackathon Submission Guidelines

What you should work on

  • Absolutely anything you want - the most innovative of ideas stand the best chances to win!

  • All you need to do is choose your track:

    • Build With Razorpay (your hack must use Razorpay APIs)

    • Build For Small Businesses (your hack must solve a real problem for small businesses)

What you should not work on

Usage of past work

We encourage you to submit projects only prepared in the duration of the hackathon. However, if you decide to submit projects consisting of re-used code, or re-submit a project that you have already submitted previously to any other hackathon, you are to disclose such previous use and its extent with the submission. There must be substantial changes made during the hackathon for the project to still be eligible. This is at the sole discretion of the organizers.

If upon inspection, it is found that the project has re-used code that was not disclosed with the submission, the organizer may ask the participant to point out similarities and differences between the old and new work, and/or disqualify the submission from winning awards automatically.

Submission related notes:

  1. Both hardware and software hacks are welcome.

  2. All development must happen during the hackathon timeframe

  3. Please keep track of development activity during the hackathon, and make incremental commits. The source code may be reviewed as part of the judging process.

  4. The submission must be in english

  5. The video must be < 3 minutes in length.